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Promoting your retail products on the numerous markeplaces that exist today can result in healthy sales and strong growth. Amazon, ebay, FNAC and Play and many more marketplaces provide retailers with incredible and widespread access to a vast audience of consumers.
Managing multiple marketplaces is not without it's challenges however. Each marketplace has its own peculiar way of working with it's own rules and restrictions. For the busy retailer this results in a stressful day as they move from one system to another to list their inventory and set prices.
For retailers who want to drive sales and deliver strong growth via marketplaces Seller Dynamics is the ideal solution. With simple interfaces and powerful management features Seller Dynamics allows retailers to safely sell on multiple marketplaces without the stress that otherwise would exist. Seller Dynamics ensures that listings are uploaded safely and that the price point of each item is looked after closely.
Easy to set up pricing profiles ensure that margins are automatically maintained even in the most competitive of marketplace situations. The result is increased sales at maximised margins for retailers hungry for growth.
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How to sell well on ebay
image hosting for ebay – it’s all in the image
by Editor (12 June 2014)
If you are looking for images then your supplier might well be able to help. You’ll want two or three to do a good job of representing the item – maybe more. Other sources of images include ebay themselves – from their catalogue.
If you are looking for images then your supplier might well be able to help. You’ll want two or three to do a good job of representing the item – maybe more. Other sources of images include ebay themselves – from their catalogue.
Whatever you do you’ll need to be aware that the image has to have at least one side 500px in length and not include logos or “graffiti”, that means no text on top. The requirement is clearly there to improve the experience for the buyer and is no bad thing – though will require some work if you can’t find suitable images.
You’ll also have to find somewhere to host your images. ebay offer a hosting service but there are lots of alternatives around – multi-channel ecommerce customers of Seller Dynamics can host their images with Seller Dynamics for a modest fee.

How to sell well on ebay
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image hosting for ebay – it’s all in the image - If you are looking for images then your supplier might well be able to help. You’ll want two or three to do a good job of representing the item – maybe more. Other sources of images include ebay themselves – from their catalogue. (12/06/14)... more

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