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Automatic and efficient – Dynamic SEO
by Editor (15 May 2014)
We use dynamic SEO techniques a lot – most newspaper type websites do the same.
We use dynamic SEO techniques a lot – most newspaper type websites do the same.
In short you have to ensure that the news and articles that are published on your web site are also associated with specific SEO data. Your content database that serves up the content to your page will also change the Title Bar, Description Area and Keywords based either on specific fields in the database or perhaps using some form of software algorithm.

Free online marketing tips
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It's a people thing – Demographic marketing - Traditional marketing encourages segmenting markets predominately into age, sex, income and geography – demographic segmentation. (25/05/14) ... more

Finding out stuff – Surveys online - Seeking the opinion of your website visitors could be of value but it can be challenging to get visitors to fill in forms. (22/05/14) ... more

Getting under the skin – Deep linking - As you build back links from other websites to promote your business and increase your PageRank you will typically link back to your home page, however... (18/05/14) ... more

Automatic and efficient – Dynamic SEO - We use dynamic SEO techniques a lot – most newspaper type websites do the same. (15/05/14) ... more

Am I getting through to you – Spam filters - If you are sending out mass email or multiple newsletters to a large audience then you will have come across the problem of spam. (12/05/14) ... more

Targeting adverts – PPC and geography - If you are opting to spend on online advertising then you are likely to end up using one of the several Pay Per Click services (09/05/14) ... more

Find things out easily – Alerts - Staying in touch with what is happening in any sector is now easier than ever thanks to the Alert services such as those on offer from Google. (06/05/14) ... more

Is your site interesting – Bounce Rate - Google Analytics are free and continually being enhanced and from them you can see what the bounce rate on your site is. (06/05/14) ... more

Spreading the word – Google News - If you publish news or articles of interest online then you might want to try and get Google or the other search engines to pick up on your editorial. (03/05/14) ... more

Do I know you – Personalisation of email and newsletters - Once a registered member has signed up you will want to keep in contact with them via email and newsletters. (15/04/14) ... more

How will you recognise success – Decide your KPIs up front - It is best to arrive at what results you want from your website – your Key Performance Indicators of KPIs. (12/04/14) ... more

What are you trying to sell me – Keep the email sales message brief - The speed at which we read material online is getting faster and we tend to scan websites and marketing email messages rather than read them. (09/04/14) ... more

What are you saying and how are you saying it – What’s the voice - When you are designing your website and arriving at an editorial style the word to watch for is “voice”. (08/04/14) ... more

Are you a pest – Don’t email too often - Nobody likes to be pestered so if you are sending out email or newsletter marketing messages it is important to get the frequency right. (06/04/14) ... more

Horse before the cart – Why SEO before PPC - To run an effective PPC campaign it’s best to first ensure your site has been maximised from an SEO point. (04/04/14) ... more

Watch your language – Don’t exclaim or shout! - Email etiquette is a funny thing. (03/04/14) ... more

Effective online marketing – experimenting with PPC - Because the costs of PPC can be controlled very closely you can choose to experiment with a limited budget before putting a full blown campaign live. (01/04/14) ... more

Is it relevant – Newsletter segmentation - If you have a wide range of services and products then it may become necessary for you to segment your readers to receive differing Newsletter types. (31/03/14) ... more

Is it working – Newsletter analysis - Once you have sent out your newsletter it is important to analyse the results. (29/03/14) ... more

Your visitors need a landing strip – The need for a landing page - Landing pages are specific pages which are normally specifically designed to maximise Call to Action activities. (28/03/14) ... more

4 tips for PPC – Maximising PPC advertising - If you have decided to run a Pay Per Click Advertising campaign then there a number of things you should check before you hit the run button. (25/03/14) ... more

Vouchers and promo codes - Offerring an online voucher via a promo code is a popular technique to drive traffic to your website. (23/03/14) ... more

Online Harvest – Gathering email addresses - For effective online marketing activities it is essential to keep good records of the email addresses for your clients and prospects. (22/03/14) ... more

Don't forget about privacy - Your website requires an area that defines your Privacy policy.
(19/03/14) ... more

The chance to decline – Double Opt In at registration - If you are building a list of email subscribers then you may choose to be doubly sure that you have their permission to email them by introducing a Double Opt In system. (16/03/14) ... more

Segmenting your markets – Microsites - It is relatively easy to set up websites so why only have one. (13/03/14) ... more

Managing your site – using a CMS - A number of years back to help you maintain your website along came a variety of CMS packages – Content Management Systems. (07/03/14) ... more

Top Three SEO Rules - There are three really simple rules when it comes to ensuring your website is search engine optimised... (05/03/14) ... more

Posting images and videos - We all like looking at photographs, though perhaps not other people’s holiday snaps. (04/03/14) ... more

Getting attached – Anchor Text - As you develop back links from other websites to help promote your business and build your page rank then take care in the manner in which you link back. (02/03/14) ... more

Real time engagement – using Twitter - Twitter the realtime bulletin blog that comments on everything. (01/03/14) ... more

Engagement – Using LinkedIn - LinkedIn has been around for a while now and appears to have changed a lot. (26/02/14) ... more

SEO and ecommerce - When it comes to ecommerce the rules are simple enough – keep it simple, remember the customer, develop trust and make sure it works! (24/02/14) ... more

SOE one Page at a time - Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is all about one page at a time.
(21/02/14) ... more

Bring them back – Loyalty scheme - To encourage your visitors to come back and to retain clients loyalty schemes can prove useful. (20/02/14) ... more

Easy win promotion – Online competitions or online draws - Promoting an online competition is an easy way to get attention from the online world. (20/02/14) ... more

We like moving pictures – Using Video - With the increase in bandwidth the use of video to help promote business is now extremely popular. (17/02/14) ... more

Simple sharing – Spreading your word with RSS - Really Simple Syndication or RSS is used to help spread the content of your site to other sites. (14/02/14) ... more

Stars in the their eyes – Rating systems - Increasingly sites are keen to get the opinion of their visitors to the service or product that they are selling or promoting. (11/02/14) ... more

Website promotion – Using affiliate marketing - If you sign up resellers then you are potentially moving into affiliate marketing territory. (08/02/14) ... more

how well do you score – Watch your pagerank - If you download the Google Toolbar and switch on the Pagerank option you will get an idea of what Google thinks of your site – it’s Pagerank. (05/02/14) ... more

Keep it simple – Watch out for font decorating - When you are writing your copy take care not to confuse your reader by using inappropriate font types or font styles. (02/02/14) ... more

Keep communicating online – Newsletter subscription - If you are issuing a newsletter remember that it is best to provide an unsubscribe link or better still modify my profile link at the bottom of the email. (29/01/14) ... more

Online keywords – Tag Clouds, Tagging and marking content - Tags are used to identify the keywords within an article they help your readers and the search engines figure out what articles they should be reading. (26/01/14) ... more

Inceasing your sales – Sell more, sell it more frequently, sell it higher - If you are looking to increase your sales then there are only three things that you need to do…sounds easy? (23/01/14) ... more

Whatever you do - The 4 ways to promote sales - In conventional selling there are only 4 ways to attract sales. (20/01/14) ... more

Don't forghet – Password reminders - With so many websites, logins and passwords it is easy to forget what was entered. (17/01/14) ... more

The online mantra – Acquire, Convert, Retain - Acquire, Convert, Retain - the three steps in building your online world (17/01/14) ... more

We're all mobile - Follow up with a text message - Asking for a mobile phone number when a customer buys or registers provides a very effective mechanism to provide the customer with the confidence they need to continue using your website. (14/01/14) ... more

Get your website noticed with Word of Mouse - Word of Mouth is the best mechanism for generating high quality sales, so why shouldn't word of mouse do the same? (11/01/14) ... more

Using PR online to help promote your business - Conventional PR offline can be expensive - online might be more suitable (08/01/14) ... more

Online is great but back up with conventional marketing if appropriate - A website on its own can produce excellent results but it makes good sense to support your website with complimentary and conventional marketing activities. (05/01/14) ... more

Don’t ignore online inquiries from your website - One of the quickest ways to loose the confidence of a website visitor is to ignore their inquiry. (02/01/14) ... more

Talk to your visitors - Call back facilities - An increasingly popular way to engage with customers is to offer them a call back option on your web site. (30/12/13) ... more

Effective use of registration areas - Encouraging your web visitor to register for more information is a very simple way to gain essential information about them. (27/12/13) ... more

The profile of your website visitors - As you build increasing traffic and visitor levels to your website you will want to determine what type of character they are. (24/12/13) ... more

The Friday feeling - will they read your email? - Email and newsletter campaigns sent out on a Friday are more likely to be read than other days of the week in our opinion... maybe. (21/12/13) ... more

Newsletters during the working day? Will they get read? - If you are sending out newsletters to business addresses then the best time to do it is when people are at their desks. (18/12/13) ... more

Newsletters on a Monday or should it be Friday? - If you are sending out email or newsletters then choosing when to send them is open to debate. (15/12/13) ... more

Online form auto completion - When you are asking a visitor for details then assisting with form completion can be helpful. (14/12/13) ... more

Getting Social - fancy chatting with your customers? - To promote your website traffic requires a variety of activities not least of which is publishing your web address on other websites. (12/12/13) ... more

Easy to find – Postcode search - Mapping and search techniques can help your visitor find what they are looking for fast. (11/12/13) ... more

Building Trust online is essential - We all do business and buy things based on trust so why should the online world be any different (09/12/13) ... more

Keep in touch with your customers - its easy - To retain your customers you have to offer a good and highly reliable online service but what else can you do? (06/12/13) ... more

Remember your customer - but do they want a cookie - Cookies make it all possible - just as we like to be remembered it's nice to be remembered online. (03/12/13) ... more

Into ecommerce – Make sure the Shopping Cart works - Don't drop the shopping - it sounds obvious to say but often shopping carts don’t deliver the results they should. (30/11/13) ... more

Keep on top of your SEO - its a moving target - It’s easy to set up you website to be all SEO’d and then forget about it. The search engines change the rules regularly and get bored with stale sites. (28/11/13) ... more

Manage your PPC, your wallet wont forgive you otherwise - Don’t switch on a PPC campaign and forget it, as your budget will get blown. (25/11/13) ... more

Use Pay Per Click - but monitor it closely - All the Search Engines offer some form of PPC – Pay Per Click – system. This paid for advertising can be effective. (22/11/13) ... more

Think about this – Google is an advertising company - This may come as a surprise... We all use Google as a search tool but in actual fact its really an advertising company so if you remember that you'll site will get designed better. (19/11/13) ... more

Getting the search results – SEO - The use of Search Engine Optimisation techniques will help with some free advertising - but be prepared to write lots of copy. (16/11/13) ... more

Effective copy - Keep the language simple - As the web gets busier and busier increasingly we are consuming data at an ever increasing rate. (13/11/13) ... more

Effective Websites need a Call to Action - To get good results a website needs a CTA. Without a strong call to action it will not deliver the results you need. (11/11/13) ... more

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