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Adsense - generating online advertising revenue

pay per click campaign support


Pushing online adverts on your website

You can choose to advertise third party items on your site using services from companies such as Google or Tradedoubler.

The Google Adsense facility looks at your website page and places adverts that may fit in with the content. If one gets clicked you get a few pennies. If you have enough traffic then you may make a few pounds now and again. Alternatively you can get paid if the click turns into a customer for the receiving site – this tends to be more valuable though conversions can be infrequent.

Tradedoubler offer a variety of adverts from an extensive list. You choose the advertiser and the format so you have control. Advertisers can decline your approach and can do so based on a whim so from time to time you may be disappointed.

In balance we find that Adsense works better than the adverts from Tradedoubler. But try both and indeed other services to see what works best for you.

Will I loose traffic from my website because visitors click away?
You may not want to advertise other company’s products or feel that encouraging visitors to leave your site is a bad idea. Fair enough. However, the typical attention span on websites is low so you might as well catch a few pennies when the casual browser decides to move on.

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