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Cost effective PPC

The Google Adwords system is near real time, allowing you to monitor and alter an online campaign that is proving ineffective or too expensive.

We found that one of our campaigns was not successful first thing in the morning – so we moved the active time for our advert to the middle of the day and got prospects to convert to customers.

You can set a very limited budget initially to see if pay per click Adwords work for you - £50 might be enough to let you see cause and effect.

The ability to fine tune and manage PPC means that a cost effective pay per click campaign is within the grasp of everyone.

Importantly Pay Per Click can be targeted at specific regions. UK Pay Per Click campaigns work well but you can also create a Pay Per Click Scotland advertising campaign or indeed a Pay Per Click Glasgow campaign.

Analyse your online advertising results
Google provides an unbeatable system to let you see how you are doing in the online adword world. It tells you your average position and how many times your advert was seen and clicked on.

Using Google Analytics on your site then completes the picture by telling you how many sponsored visitors you got and ultimately you can then see how many bought or inquired.

This level of PPC analysis ensures you can monitor the results from your online marketing budget completely. Never waste a penny of your marketing budget again.

Pay per click at a glance

We use Google Adwords  in preference to the others we have tried as it easy to set up and delivers results (see our 10 top tips about using adwords page). You simply create an account and create your pay per click adverts. You specify how much you are prepared to spend to get that advert shown on the right hand side of the Google search results (the sponsored results). The more you are prepared to spend to get your online pay per click advert shown then the higher up you will appear.

Each impression (that’s when your ad is visible) is free – it's only when someone clicks on it that you’ll get billed. Hence "Pay Per Click".

Google does some checks when you place your online advert with them. The main ones are that you are not doing anything illegal and that your advert relates to the page it links to. If Google reckons your page has nothing to do with the advert then it increases the price you’ll have to pay to get listed or simply drops the advert. Nor does it like “cheapest”, “fastest” type claims – it rejects them.

Pay Per Click costs vary depending on what you are promoting. Highly competitive Pay Per Click terms such as those relating to mortgages or loans are expensive - perhaps a few pounds per click. However, other less popular terms are only a few pence to buy.

Why not give it a bash with a limited budget and see what happens? Start of with a low bid and increase it until you see what the cost of that advert actually is.

Careful Pay Per Click management is important so either monitor it well or find a Pay Per Click services company to manage it on your behalf.

Online Advertising

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