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Adwords - 10 golden rules

Our adword experience in our website business Web Wise Business tells us that these are the top ten tips for successful adword campaigns. We hope they help.

1. Choose the adword keywords you want to bid for with care.

2. Make sure the adword advert re-enforces the keywords and has a strong call to action.

3. Consider where the ideal geography is for your advert. Is it UK, Global, Edinburgh - think this through.

4. Send the clicks from the adword advert to a sensible page. Sometimes this can be your home page. But it's normally better to be a specific "landing page" for the advert. For instance this page is a landing page for adwords.

5. Make sure the landing page has strong SEO correlation with the advert and the keywords you have bid for. If it does not then Google puts the price up and may drop your ad altogether.

6. If your ad has a poor conversation rate then rather than reconsidering your entire product line you should consider: refining the call to action on the landing page; changing the geography of the advert; the time the ad runs.

7. If your adverts are b2b then the chances are that running the advert overnight or at weekends is a waste of money - so turn it off.

8. Don't just do one advert do several varieties and styles and set different bid criteria for each. ie create several adword campaigns.

9. Start of low and Monitor. Monitor. Monitor.

10. If adwords ain't working - then maybe it's your product or sales pitch. Switch them off and sleep on it. Don't waste a penny!

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