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Benefits of online press release


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Benefits of online press release


Conventional PR and press release activity in the UK

Retaining a PR company to handle PR in the press and your press releases generally has long been the preferred method of keeping the market informed of what you are up to. The costs involved have often excluded small companies from pursuing this option and the challenge of getting your PR into printed newspapers and magazines can be high.

Online PR is different however and brings PR within the budget of small businesses.

Online Press Release services

There are a number of online PR services that you can now use to help promote your UK business online. These PR websites charge on a per press release basis and also on the level of service that you desire. The service level reflects the PR distribution level and the quality of the Press Release feedback that they provide to you.

PRweb is one such online PR agency but there are many others. Across the variety of online PR companies prices range from free to a few hundred pounds per Press Release.

An online press release is written in pretty much the same way you would write a conventional press release article -  

Headline, summary, release date, content (including the quotes from the various parties), contact info and then the "about" sections.

However, additional constraints are placed on online PR and these take the form of html restrictions as well as the number of links in the Press Release article.

Why would I use an online PR website

Online PR is potentially much more useful than conventional PR. Online PR remains live potentially forever in online archives meaning that when people search for your product type or service they have an increased chance of finding your website.

Online PR also has the scope to increase your Pagerank, so see our Search Engine Optimisation section for more information on what Pagerank is and why it is important to Search Engines such as Google.

Online PR can be highly targeted. Typically journalists and interested parties are signed up to receive the latest releases from online PR websites – so your Press Release message gets out quickly to those that are the most interested.

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