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Find simple to understand tips and suggestions on how you can increase your sales using ebay, amazon, Play and FNAC. You'll also find out how to improve your online marketing, online advertising and email marketing campaigns.
Online marketing and online advertising is the most cost effective and controllable way to deliver results for your sales team.
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Seller Dynamics sell more on Amazon, Play, ebay and FNAC
If you are an online retailer you will already know that you ignore selling on Amazon, eBay and other marketplaces at your peril. But how can you manage multiple marketplaces effectively? How can you ensure that all your products are priced with the maximum margin possible? How can you increase the sales you make in any one 24 hour period?
Seller Dynamics provides multiple marketplace management from a single point allowing retailers like you to increase sales with minimum effort. With controllable business rules you can ensure that every item listed on every marketplace you operate on is priced to give the maximum return. For further information on selling across multiple marletplaces call us now on 01786 430076. 
Seller Dynamics - sell more on ebay, Amazon, Play and FNAC.
Reliable marketplace management 

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ebay top rated seller – what you need to do - ebay’s Best Match results are influenced by the performance of the seller of the item so it’s important you as a retailer do all you can to keep your customers happy. (18/06/14) ... more

bulk uploading to ebay - Turbo lister and beyond - Bulk uploading and updating to ebay is key if you want to build a profitable and growing business. (16/06/14) ... more

image hosting for ebay – it’s all in the image - If you are looking for images then your supplier might well be able to help. You’ll want two or three to do a good job of representing the item – maybe more. Other sources of images include ebay themselves – from their catalogue. (12/06/14) ... more

Multi channel selling – there’s more than just ebay - Whatever you’re selling you’ll want to sell more and sell more profitably and that’s when you’ll want to look at other marketplaces and online options. (10/06/14) ... more

protecting your shipment from loss – fulfilling ebay sales - Items that are being shipped can be insured and you may want to consider that if you are shipping items of high value or items that are prone to theft (08/06/14) ... more

ebay postal tips - wrap up well - Good packaging makes shipping easier and it also means that any complaints about the condition of received goods is likely to be the exception not the rule. (06/06/14) ... more

ebay etiquette - replying to customers - Selling in volume through ebay can create a lot of email so best to develop some coping mechanisms. (04/06/14) ... more

ebay feedback - reputation matters - ebay uses your rating to influence its decision on where your listings will appear in the Best Match search results (02/06/14) ... more

ebay know your rights - distance selling regulations - All marketplaces, including ebay, expect the seller to deliver the goods within the timeframes stated and the Distance Selling Regulations expect the same (31/05/14) ... more

costs for ebay - PayPal fees - If you are set on building a business that will grow and thrive within ebay then you’ll need to accept payments by PayPal. (29/05/14) ... more

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It's a people thing – Demographic marketing - Traditional marketing encourages segmenting markets predominately into age, sex, income and geography – demographic segmentation. (25/05/14) ... more

Finding out stuff – Surveys online - Seeking the opinion of your website visitors could be of value but it can be challenging to get visitors to fill in forms. (22/05/14) ... more

Getting under the skin – Deep linking - As you build back links from other websites to promote your business and increase your PageRank you will typically link back to your home page, however... (18/05/14) ... more

Automatic and efficient – Dynamic SEO - We use dynamic SEO techniques a lot – most newspaper type websites do the same. (15/05/14) ... more

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Seller Dynamics - auto reprice and unified stock management for Amazon, ebay, Play and FNAC

This site is operated by DNN developers Objective Associates Limited, expert in DNN development, DNN intranet systems, Microsoft.Net and Adobe Air. Providers of Seller Dynamics. Seller Dynamics is a multi channel ecommerce management solution which offers the following features - Multi Channel Ecommerce, Unified Inventory Management, Dynamic Repricing Software, Competitor Monitoring, Stationary & Postage Production, Delivery & Fulfilment, Dynamic Stock Re-ordering, Goods In Management, Single Dashboard Analytics. Seller Dynamics supports Amazon Repricing, Play Repricing and Fnac Repricing as well as many other features.
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