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With the correct bulk email software system in place you can construct your email list, the email marketing message, send the email and then watch the results. By tracking the response from your targtes you know if your email message is getting through.

In our experience people will act on email that has clearly identified their pain point and shows a method of resolving that pain.

With the correct email marketing software system in place you can see the conversion rate at a glance – emails sent, links clicked, sales/inquiries made.

Newsletter creation, management and distribution 

Email marketing
We all hate junk email! No we don’t! In fact forget that term or check out our junkmail section.

Targeted email marketing in the UK
If you have the correct set of UK email targets, the correct pain identified, and a simple to complete call to action on your website then a targeted marketing email campaign will convert unknown recipients to customers.

Newsletters are an extremely effective way to spread your sales message and to stay in touch with clients and prospects. Call us today to find out about our newsletter distribution services using LoudEmail.
Newsletter creation, management and distribution 
The marketing or advertising message in the email

Once you have an email marketing list you require to prepare your email sales message. We prefer HTML emails to basic text as they look prettier and can tie in with your websites look and feel. The days are gone where HTML email was routinely rejected – most people are now comfortable to accept it. The email should include a link to the website page that sells the product or service.

The message in your email marketing message has to be the right message for the target audience. So make sure you consider that carefully and that the email is succinct and informative. If the email is informative then it won’t automatically get added to their junk email list.

Getting your email marketing list

If you are considering an email marketing campaign then you’ll need to get a good email address list. You can build this yourself from business cards and online research or you can buy a bulk email list from online email address suppliers. You can buy 10,000 email addresses for around £1500 or so.

Quality can be an issue as some lists are unqualified. Ideally find a bulk email supplier who explains the source of the email information. This will give you the comfort you need to use the services of the bulk email company identified.

Some bulk email marketing solutions from email marketing companies do not provide the bulk email list to you. Instead they deliver the email campaign on your behalf. This means in theory that they can maintain the integrity of the overall system ensuring that their email contacts do not get over exposed to email campaigns. You may want to consider whethetr this is an approach you are happy with.

Other providers of email addresses includes directories such as Yell and Thomson Local - though the percentage of contacts in their lists that declare their email addresses can be low. 

Unsubscribe best practice for bulk targeted email marketing

At the bottom of your targeted marketing email make sure it says who sent it and how to unsubscribe. Ideally you should use a system that allows the un-subscribers to be removed automatically from your email list. This will reduce your admin overhead - good online email marketing solutions will do that for you and more. 

Some mass email software solutions just use the blind CC option – we don’t like this as it looks rather unprofessional. A proper email marketing software system will send the email marketing message to the individual. This allows the overall system to identify who visited the site when the link within the email is followed and it also lets them unsubscribe with no human intervention. The best email marketing solutions will show you the success rate of your email campaign - delivered, opened, unsubscribed.

Newsletter creation, management and distribution 
newsletter systems

email marketing solutions

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